Remote Construction Sites – Connected Office Network

WiFi at New Waste Plant

Construction  – Waste Sector


A specialist provider of construction services to the waste sector was awarded a contract to provide the civils and structures element of a new plant. Working in a joint venture with design and process engineers, the provider was to deliver the works in two phases in a 130-week contract.

Due to the difficulties of getting ADSL lines in from BT, the provider evaluated many available temporary internet options such as satellite internet and other more expensive, lower performing alternatives.


The provider chose OptiBond due to cost, performance and time to deploy. Such was the success of OptiBond providing connectivity for this project, the provider deployed OptiBond at three subsequent sites. OptiBond maximised productivity by supplying cost effective, instant secure data connectivity at remote, temporary and mobile installations. The OptiBond appliance in this case used two independent cellular (4G) connections that are combined to provide redundancy, super-fast download speeds and low latency. Data transfer speeds of up to 14.4Mbps are possible with HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access). The purpose built OptiBond appliance can be pre-configured with a secure Virtual Private Network to provide instant secure data connectivity. The fully managed service includes a help desk and remote diagnostics to quickly resolve any issues.


OptiBond provided construction companies with an effective data communications capability on day one of any given project. This is critically important in situations where the installation of conventional ADSL or leased line connections is likely to be unacceptably slow, prohibitively expensive or quite simply impossible (e.g. remote and mobile locations).

“OptiBond enables us to be operational from day one, it allows us to work no differently from having a land-line. We use i-MO to access emails, drawings, Word, Excel files all on a thin client set up.” Client Project Manager

EMS created OptiBond which simultaneously bonds different cellular networks plus ADSL / satellite. OptiBond is a complete internet solution enabling up to six WAN connections and up to five concurrent VPN connections and operates as a local server to enable printing, file share & network connectivity.