EMS at COMIT Community Dar

October Update: beable H&S Finalist, COMIT Community Day, Golden Thread Building Safety Bill, NBS Digital Construction Report, EMS Deploys Prince Philip Park Internet, Crane H&S

beable presented at COMIT Community Day

beable presented last week to a packed room on the successful project at North London Heat and Power Project, a fantastic example of collaboration both between COMIT and member (EMS) and a complex site with many moving parts. We shared the stage with Iain Miskimmin who is working on a National Digital Twin project and other pioneers in the fields of digital construction, drones and GIS (mapping) systems. EMS also presented with Steve Slater of Wates on a new project we are commencing with a call for partners – building contractors, civil engineers & material suppliers – interested in pilot trials of private 4G & 5G networks – particularly for large sites in remote locations with Internet of Things, Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications. Interested? Click here.

Internet Connectivity for New, Temporary and Challenging locations…

For new, temporary and challenging locations why not consider the EMS i-MO OptiBond solution? Delivers fast / resilient aggregated 4G and / or fixed line services to site in days. The system is widely used on difficult to serve and new commercial and infrastructure projects.  See www.ems-imo.com

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beable Best Health & Safety Finalist

beable at british construction industry awards

We’re thrilled beable® Wearable shortlisted best Health & Safety Initiative in New Civil Engineer’s British Industry Construction Awards 2021 for the work we did with North London Waste Authority to keep workers safe & the site productive & open during COVID.

Huge thanks to the cracking teams and people that made this happen! The contract was undertaken by Wood Barhale Ltd Galldris Group Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd Arup Taylor Woodrow COMIT Projects Ltd. & Electronic Media Services – it’s a great example of collaboration and the beginning of a bright future for this Innovate UK grant winner.

Well done to all involved!
Pictured here David Cullen Barry Gleeson. MRICS Trudi Axtens Stuart Humphries Douglas Chisholm Jeremy Pasley Neil Brown Euston Ling Jaimie Lawson Vanessa Dal Busco Not present but vital Andrew Lambert Stuart Young Daniel Cruickshanks James Deadman jermaine kirwan.

beable presenting at Digital Construction Week!

  • When: 3.30-4pm Wednesday 24 November, ExCel London 👏
  • Where: BIM Village, ExCel London
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EMS Deploys Internet at Prince Philip Park Town Centre

Whitehill & Bordon Town Centre

Electronic Media Services deployed a private 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile network at Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company (WBRC) in its development of the new town centre delivering on a digital vision WBRC of a hybrid network with traditional Wi-Fi. The project aims to futureproof the town centre site by adding a 4G LTE private mobile network for some critical services on site such as push-to-talk and Internet of Things (IoT) making WBRC a smart city of the future.

Designed and implemented by Electronic Media Services (EMS) in partnership with Athonet and Tatnam Consulting, Andrew Lambert, EMS CEO, said “…It provides the flexibility and growth path to support 5G and Massive IoT as the new town centre grows and creates demand for new innovative services that rely on fast digital connectivity.”

Smart cities are described as a ‘technologically modern urban area that uses different types of electronic methods, voice activation methods and sensors to collect specific data’ (Wiki). Whitehill & Bordon now has the foundation in place to become a smart city pf the future by planning infrastructure in line with possible ways to measure different data. For example, the Whitehill and Bordon network has been designed to support the connection of sensors around the town centre with interesting future applications such as equipment / infrastructure monitoring – for example, sensors in an IoT system on water drains can detect a maintenance requirement before pipes burst, saving public money and preventing mass disruption.

Golden Thread Building Safety Bill

Golden Thread Building Safety Bill

Commissioned by the government after the Grenfell fire tragedy, in the ‘Golden Thread’ report Dame Judith Hackitt recommended “the introduction of a ‘golden thread’ as a tool to manage buildings as holistic systems and allow people to use information to safely and effectively design, construct and operate their buildings.” This means in part a digital understanding of a building under construction and a system in place so everyone working on a project can access and understand it. You can read Dame Judith’s other recommendations here.

The author is fully supportive of the use of technology to improve health and safety in construction but thinks that data is no substitute for common sense especially regarding flammable cladding applied purposefully to human dwellings.

NBS Digital Construction Report

  • The excellent NBS Digital Construction Report reports fascinating insights on many aspects of the state of technology in construction, not least one of the more positive effects of Coronavirus – 70% of respondents said it accelerated their adoption of digital technologies.