15k new houses in Manchester Photo Credit Aswin Mahesh via unsplash

July #2 Update: Manchester Housebuilding, Highways England Project Speed, North London Project Net Zero Shortlist

15k new houses in Manchester

£4bn over the next 20 years will be spent on developing new housing in Manchester. The initial phase of the project is secured by £51.6m funding from the UK Government Housing Infrastructure Fund. Bam Nuttall and Arup are due to start clearing brownfield land with the planning application due to be submitted in Spring 2022. The first phase includes the delivery of 5,500 homes of which 1,000 are affordable over the next 10-15 years.

Project Speed: Highways England to Build More Roads Faster

Project Speed Highways England Photo Credit Cajeo Zhang via unsplash

Following the success of the A66 accelerated build which was supposed to take 10 years but is now only taking 5 by using modern methods of construction including offsite design and construction practices, Highways England wants to speed up the delivery of other projects using similar practices.

The A66 project consists of a new bypass & dual carriageways & junction improvements. Project Speed initiative was initiated by the Government at the beginning of COVID to speed up infrastructure projects which identifies ways to deliver plans up to 50% faster.

Internet Connectivity for New, Temporary and Challenging locations…

For new, temporary and challenging locations why not consider the EMS i-MO OptiBond solution? Delivers fast / resilient aggregated 4G and / or fixed line services to site in days. The system is widely used on difficult to serve and new commercial and infrastructure projects.  See www.ems-imo.com

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North London Heat and Power Project shortlisted in NetZero Awards

North London Heat and Power Project Photo Credit Naja Bertolt Jensen via unsplash

With only 12% of engineers in the UK being female, the purpose of the awards is to bring recognition and a spotlight to women who excel in the field of engineering. Women are traditionally underrepresented in STEM jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – more girls get A-C in STEM subjects excluding chemistry however only 18% of STEM apprenticeships are taken by women. You can see the winners here.

beable is proud to work with North London Heat and Power Project, an equal opportunity employer who made this video about Women in Engineering Day 2021. They asked some of the women working onsite what advice they would give other females who wanted to start a career in engineering.. Here’s what they said..

New award-winning site location technology

Luckily, technology exists so Construction sites can stay open and take care of their workers with beable® Wearable which has been deployed at a large north London site to keep workers safe and productive; it facilitates physical distancing as well as interaction tracking. Co-developed by Electronic Media Services and COMIT Projects and funded by Innovate UK, the new technology has been well received and plans to rollout to further sites in Q2 this year are underway. 

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