Late Summer Update #1: Decarbonising North London, Construction Tech, Watkin Jones Prospers & Materials Prices Rise.

Low carbon heat for another 50k North London Homes

Enfield Council energy section Energetik has secured another £24m in government funding from The Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) to support expansion across its network in Enfield. This funding builds on the initial £14m which would have provided low carbon energy to 26k homes. The new funding will deliver very low carbon waste heat to the area by connecting homes to London EcoPark (North London Heat and Power Project / NLHPP) in 2026 upon completion of that project. NLHPP will treat 700k waste from North London Homes & turn it into power.

Award-winning wearable technology

North London Heat and Power Project deployed beable® Wearable to keep workers safe and productive; it facilitates physical distancing as well as interaction tracking. Co-developed by Electronic Media Services and COMIT Projects and funded by Innovate UK, the new technology has been well received and plans to further rollout with greater functionality are underway. 

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Construction Technology: Innovation Can Improve Productivity and Safety

Construction Technology Innovation Can Improve Productivity and Safety Credit RAENG via unsplash

This week we reposted a story about an Australian site that came under fire from health authorities for incorrect / incomplete record keeping regarding COVID-19. Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, audit trails have improved in construction. Technology is now seen as the best facilitator to improve collaboration, communication, and responsibility on construction sites, to make them safer for all during planning, construction and post construction phases. Many significant / leading sites are adopting technology to enable better audit trails which makes projects safer and more efficient, especially when things do not always go right. An example of this is North London Heat and Power project which deployed technology to manage the COVID crisis, which in turn enabled it to stay open, productive and safe during the recent pandemic.

Watkin Jones Plans Three More Projects

Watkin Jones Plans Three More Projects credit adam mills via unsplash

The build-to-rent and student accommodation developer has secured planning for 3 projects over the summer, including 551 flats in Birmingham, 315 flats in Bath and 370 beds in Swansea, plus purchase of a site in central Nottingham. As well in London, it has bought 2 sites with a total capacity of more than 1,000 beds. With the total pipeline to the value of £1.7bn, seems like boom time for Watkin Jones!

Internet Connectivity for New, Temporary and Challenging locations…

For new, temporary and challenging locations why not consider the EMS i-MO OptiBond solution? Delivers fast / resilient aggregated 4G and / or fixed line services to site in days. The system is widely used on difficult to serve and new commercial and infrastructure projects.  See www.ems-imo.com

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Construction Materials Price Soars by 20%

Construction Materials Price Soars by 20% credit mikita yo via unsplash

In case you live underground and haven’t noticed the empty supermarket shelves & absence of essentials at the shops lately, it’s also affecting construction materials. The price of raw materials has risen on average by 20% due to a global disruption to shipping, a shortage of lorry drivers and Brexit. In particular such supplies as roof tiles, cement and timber are expected to be in short supply until at least next year.