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Morris & Spottiswood Ltd is a leading Fitout, Housing and Maintenance contractor based in Glasgow with offices located in Edinburgh, Warrington and Leeds. M&S have clients in a wide variety of sectors including, Banking, Residential, Retail, Hotels and Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Police, Ambulance and Judiciary. In common with other companies in the construction sector. Morris & Spottiswood often wins housing contracts in locations that do not have a fixed line installed because of long lead times for BT ADSL line installation and/or where such lines cannot be cost justified. Internet connectivity is required to


EMS provided a trial of OptiBond appliance initially at its Helen Street HQ and then at a site in Springburn north-east of Glasgow city centre. Following the success of the trials, OptiBond continued to be deployed at new sites at the Isle of Cumbrae, a remote rural location with very limited mobile phone coverage, Edinburgh, at a city centre site surrounded by tall buildings and again with difficult and limited coverage, and most recently at the Aberdeen Civic Court .


Today OptiBond provides internet connectivity to Morris & Spottiswood throughout various projects to deliver projects efficiently from new, rural, and urban sites with no fixed line or existing infrastructure. This enable Morris & Spottiswood to commence work at the sites with no delay or prohibitive cost due to lack of existing infrastructure.

“OptiBond units come pre-configured to our requirements, and work well “straight out of the box”, so our people have system access right way; no technical knowledge is needed to start using them, and in the rare event of problems we have found EMS’ telephone support to be very helpful and effective.” Andrew Duffin, IT and Telecoms analyst

EMS created OptiBond which simultaneously bonds different cellular networks plus ADSL / satellite. OptiBond is a complete internet solution enabling up to six WAN connections and up to five concurrent VPN connections and operates as a local server to enable printing, file share & network connectivity.