EMS beable team arriving onsite

December beable® installation

EMS beable team arriving onsite
Site safety rules

The beable team arrived on site at 8.30am and were met by safety lead from Safesphere. The client had allocated some team members the beable team to facilitate scaffolding & electrical facilities. The team proceeded to set up base station equipment & visit the various offices around the project, being members of the supply chain.

Installing the EMS beable beacon
Beer esky!
EMS beable beacon

After the safety briefings which took around an hour, the main gateway (master beacon) was installed and the team then proceeded with the internal active beacons of which there were 5. Around 30 bracelets were distributed to beable champions and workers onsite, which become their own bracelets. The bracelets only need to be charged monthly so great battery life and not too much interaction, once the bracelet is turned to ON position, there is nothing else for the worker to do to activate the bracelet. Each day the wearer updates the system to confirm fitness to work, and those details are saved in the system. Throughout the day, the bracelet logs interactions with other bracelet wearers in relation to the beacons, so at any point if a worker is made aware of a COVID-positive situation, interactions can be identified. Managers are then alerted to act.

Excavation works onsite

This was a partial installation – there are 50 more bracelets to be delivered, the entire site is made up of around 80 workers.

The site team was very receptive and helpful. The site has gone to great lengths to protect the workforce from the pandemic including segregation, mandatory use of masks in confined spaces, hand sanitizer points situated throughout the project, wash basins and cleaning products in canteens and safe accommodation and rest areas.


We’ll update you on progress soon! 

Installing the master beable beacon
EMS beable installation