NG Bailey Britishvolt Battery plant photo credit possessed-photography unsplash

NG Bailey Battery Gigaplant, Remote Control Railway Drill, Budget news, Wearable Tech, Diverse HS2

NG Bailey Battery Gigaplant

NG Bailey has been appointed by Britishvolt to build the UK’s first lithium-ion batter gigaplant in South Wales. The plant is set to revolutionise car batteries and the renewable energy sector. The plant will house Britishvolt’s manufacturing & R&D facilities. With more than half the world’s cars due to be electric by 2035, this area is ripe for innovation. Recycling of materials and reduction of use / waste of raw and precious battery materials is key to the ongoing growth of the electric car industry. 

New Remote Control Railway Drill


Network Rail & Amey have developed a new personless drill that can be operated remotely reducing working at height and power tool risk (vibration). Usually a two-person job, the new drill requires one person to operate it, can work around cables & overhead lines, has four drills instead of one and can drill four holes in 2 minutes (four times faster). It can manage multiple drill heads too for unique patterns without changing fittings.

Internet Connectivity for New, Temporary and Challenging locations…

For new, temporary and challenging locations why not consider the EMS i-MO OptiBond solution? Delivers fast / resilient aggregated 4G and / or fixed line services to site in days. The system is widely used on difficult to serve and new commercial and infrastructure projects.  See

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Budget news: Housebuilding. Concrete price rise 16%

Rishi Sunak credit Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Govt via Flickr

£24 billion has been committed to build new homes. £5 billion has been committed to remove flammable and dangerous cladding from highrises partially funded by Developers Tax at 4% on those with profits over £25 million (31 in number in 2020). Buildings below 18 metres are not privy to funding to have it removed which leaves owners stuck with unsaleable properties. MD Ringley Group Mary-Anne Bowring said that “those directly to blame for unsafe building should be held accountable.” £65 million has been committed to innovation & digitisation of plans which may attract more foreign investment due to increased certainty but may also add a layer of complexity and make it harder for the public to participate meaningfully in development consultations.

All very good when suppliers have seemingly agreed that the price of concrete is about to rise another £15 per tonne or 16% due to energy cost increases, totalling 30% up over 1 year, the biggest hike ever.

Football’s Newest Wearable Tech: Smart Shin Guards

Soccerment Wearable Shin Pads

Developed by an Italian company the new kit captures biometric data on every pass, run, shot and direction change to enhance performance. The shin guards are paired with a phone app & cloud tool which processes large amounts of data to offer player comparison, data visualisation and performance indices. Gathering & analysing stats and data on player & team behaviour can powerfully enable teams to understand better how to strategise and make decisions on field. More info

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Diversity Training Mandatory at HS2

HS2 Marketplace launch

All HS2 contractors and suppliers are expected to complete training and show EDI (Equality Diversity and Inclusion) best practice implemented across their organisations. There are 2,300 contractors so far working on £25bn of contracts in total. Participants are expected to track performance against indicators on a platform provided by Clear Company called ‘Marketplace’ designed for HS2. HS2 reported positive results with its supply chain more gender and race diverse than the average.