Tesco Town Credit Simone Hutsch via Unsplash

#1 June Update: Tesco Town, LEGO Buildings, £30m Gov Framework, Crossrail Delayed

New Tesco Town in Redbridge

Redbridge Council has approved 1,300 new homes, an application by Weston Homes and Tesco. The £500m development will take up 10.4 acres on the current supermarket site and includes 14 22-story towers and rebuilding the Tesco. The 8 year project is expected to commence in 2022 and include 35% affordable housing, a community hall, commercial space, parking, gardens, public transport improvements and a primary school. It will be 100% electric powered with 682 solar panels.

New LEGO Inspired Construction Parts

Lego Buildings Credit Daniel Cheung via Unsplash

Research from a Spanish University has developed plastic construction beams based on LEGO bricks that weigh 80% less but are just as strong. They sit inside the concrete so weigh less than when the entire beam is made of concrete. In addition, constructing a structure is easier as the material weighs less and is created offsite using recycled wate using a 3D printer, so can simply be transported to site and fitted together. This can make construction more efficient as a lot of time is currently spent moving concrete beams around.

New award-winning site location technology

Luckily, technology exists so Construction sites can stay open and take care of their workers with beable® Wearable which has been deployed at a large north London site to keep workers safe and productive; it facilitates physical distancing as well as interaction tracking. Co-developed by Electronic Media Services and COMIT Projects and funded by Innovate UK, the new technology has been well received and plans to rollout to further sites in Q2 this year are underway. 

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£30m Government Framework Set to Launch

£30m Gov Framework Credit Brian Patrick Tagalog via Unsplash

The Constructor Services Framework, a new framework for £30m of projects has been released by the Ministry of Justice with expected total value £2.5bn over 5 years and a potential £1bn more if extended. This latest announcement will include projects related to announcements set forth in the most recent budget such as the Construction Playbook, Government Construction Strategy 2025 and net-zero commitments. Interested firms should apply here by 5pm on 11 June.  

Internet Connectivity for New, Temporary and Challenging locations…

For new, temporary and challenging locations why not consider the EMS i-MO OptiBond solution? Delivers fast / resilient aggregated 4G and / or fixed line services to site in days. The system is widely used on difficult to serve and new commercial and infrastructure projects.  See www.ems-imo.com

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No Early Opening for Embattled Crossrail

Crossrail Delays Credit Samuel Regan Asante via Unsplash

Initially scheduled for December 2018, the Elizabeth Line between Reading and Heathrow was supposed to open this year, but Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London told the London Assembly that won’t happen instead predicting the first 6 months of next year as more realistic. Crossrail started trial journeys this month. Having required a most recent budget extension of £450m taking the total overspend to £1.1bn and overtaken by TfL mid-project who scrapped the Board in September, one can only wonder what the ticket prices will be.