Back to work safely with beable®!

An easy to use health check and tracking app that gives Construction workers and employers a simple red/green check of their ability to work. 

How does it work?

The red/green advice from the app enables:

  • Easy daily self-declared monitoring of general health and especially of any symptoms specific to COVID-19. These declarations can be performed even when the user is self-isolating.
  • Tracking the user’s location while at work and who they have been in contact with (e.g. < 5 metres separation).
  • Alerting managers and workers when too many people are too close together.
  • Occupancy of welfare units, so workers can self-time breaks to minimise unnecessary contacts.
  • Alerts when a co-worker they’ve been in contact with develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Machine Learning-based algorithm to track the development of symptoms in the workforce to prevent further occurrences.
beable bracelet

Manager Dashboard

The app has a dashboard for the employer showing who is currently onsite in real-time with hot spots showing where workers are congregating so they can be instructed to disperse, identify staff who have reported symptoms or have tested positive, identify who should be self-isolating because they may have come into contact with an infected member of staff, provide potential return dates for self-isolating staff plus identify those who have tested positive for antibodies and may be immune to re-infection.

How is this Possible?

The project is fully funded by Innovate UK which also aligns with the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund theme for Transformation in Construction.

This will enable the Construction industry to safely end the lockdown, re-engage the predominately self-employed workforce and commence the Build, build, build phase of recovery.

Why another app? In general, Construction sites have areas that don’t permit mobile phones to be used due to distraction, dropping, and general safety. beable solves this by using a low energy Wi-Fi wearable that shares without needing to carry a phone.